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New houses and apartments
For information on the prices and availability of River House apartment and Empire House luxury residence please contact us.

Tel: 94083030, 94093030, 94103030.
We look forward to hearing from you soon.

River House apartment
The Empire House
Imperial House
Current vacancies
Sales manager
Tel: 94083030, 94093030, 94103030.

Ulaanbaatar-17012, Khan-Uul district, Millennium Challenge Corporation building,
(Acadedy of Management III)
Tel/Fax: +976 70130248
Sales department: 9407-3030, 9408-3030, 9409-3030, 9410-3030
e-mail: sales@amstd.mn, delgermaa@imperial.mn, gulinar@imperial.mn, orkhontuul@imperial.mn, bayarbolor@imperial.mn

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